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GungHo combines the world’s best wellbeing research with the strategies that drive the world’s most successful companies and puts it all into the palm of your hand.

We spoke to the world’s best researchers about what really makes a difference in our lives: Happiness and wellbeing, work, the quality of relationships as well as time spent on relationships, money, health, and mental state. Then we combined that research with some of the processes that have made the world’s most famous companies successful. With GungHo, you won’t just measure areas of your life but improve it. After all, why shouldn’t your life be as successful as a Fortune 50 company?

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Our process.

There are so many ways to collect data on yourself today but for what, where are you headed, what do you want to achieve? GungHo takes all the most important aspects of your life and allows you to not just measure them but to compare them and gain some insight. See how your sleep affects fitness, how your romantic relationships affect your work, how your salary affects your happiness, how your bank balance affects your social life. You can choose to focus on some areas of your life or take it all on at once and learn key insights about how all these areas affect what’s important to you. Better yet, armed with that knowledge, you can set goals and commit to various actions that will help you achieve them. Then track your progress along with everything else. Shift your focus as it suits you. On vacation or need a break from all that self-knowledge? No problem, we’ll be here next time you want to focus on improving some aspect of your life.

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Check out the Wellbeing Library.

In preparing to launch Gung Ho we spent more than two years reading every study, academic paper, media story, case study and book we could get our hands on. We had to hunt these resources down in hundreds of places, but figured you shouldn’t have to. If you’re interested in learning more about what we know — and don’t know — about personal wellbeing, check out the Wellbeing Library.

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